(Political) Upheaval in Western Society

   I think that the variety of politicians is clear.  There are a lot of different politicians, who pattern themselves after other politicians.  They generally talk about, "General Things", which generally fit into our everyday lives.  However, I would like to clear something up a bit, I've been getting a "Government Check" in the form of a handout, for disabled people, for about 4 years now.  I just want to put that out there.  I feel to an extent, this check, no matter for what reason, is certainly diserved by myself, in a vire dark way, for a very long time.  And heres why.

   The political system contains loop holes, and these loop holes contain profit for upper class, typically, society.  This contains a "trickle down" mechanism for those working at the bottom.  If you eliminate the payments to the top, you eliminate, possibly, this "trickle down" effect. No matter how many times you may pay a dispicable company, that company always does appreciate your business.  I don't believe there are many, businesses, in the US, that won't take your money.  I feel that this is somewhat, a sign, that when money is scarce, you've gotta get it somehow.  And that's what I feel like writing.  That the more you spend your money on me, the more your going to see this "trickle down" effect. I won't say why, but you've gotta realize, not everyone makes the kind of money I make.

   If I told you that bankers make money, is that to say that everyone in a bank makes money?  All the people?  I don't think so. The kids, the animals, the places they go in there cars, all these things require some sort of balance.  I think to an extent you know, I don't exactly know what makes society soo incredibly patronizing, at the moment, but I feel that a dollar today, certainly doesn't get you what a dollar got you when I was about 5 years younger. With about twenty bucks, I could essentially, buy a cd, a meal, something like that.  Today, I'm spending in the hundreds and I'm getting nowhere fast. That's just gotta stop my friends.  If I'm going to be , getting money, from nowhere, certain times of the month, and spending it willy nilly, theres gotta be a bit of, ahem, cash back somewhere along the line.  It's not going to continually be able to go all the way back to Washington without there being someone eventually saying, hey, wheres that few grand we sent you a few years back?  Right?  I mean, how many kids, can afford a candy bar?  I can't even afford a candy bar with a few hundreds, as it seems.

    I go to the store and spend 30 to 40 dollars, I get onions, lettuce, vegan cheese, and regular cheese.  Maybe a bit of low calorie juice to wash it down.  I mean, how many times can I think about that?  My whole life?  I've been thinking about this type of thing for like 5 years now.  Just how can you think that this is going to work.  There's not a single, way, you can afford to not share the wealth.



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