The Post (Air Balloon) Article

I watched an amazing film which was made by an amazing person who I admire very much and I think I understand what the title was about in that film because of the way it was used in which the music overlapped, partly, with the lip syncing of the singers. It is noticeable as well that alot of those guys that make the music have a lot of songs in their vocabulary.

I think the way that poetry or singing, has evolved, has become somewhat strange and it bugs me to think that these were not recorded at an earlier time or place, in history, due to the fact that written music has been around for a very long time as well as the fact that songs have been passed on from generation to generation for a while now. If I were to say a cover song weren't a big deal, that's like singing along to the radio when your in the car or something. It's no big deal, it happens all the time, it isn't that weird when it does happen, I just know what's going to come out of it and that's all, it happens and then I get rid of my ideas, and the sample gets used, and thats that and I don't squeeze too much out of my plans because sometimes they get sticky or they don't come out right. Nine times out of ten this is an item that will infact be used by someone else and your better off staying out of it too much, I think it starts to keep on going but I also think that machines just don't like me using them all the time either and I think a bit it pains me to use something like that a bit, and every time I do it it's like a bit degrading, although it has nice aspects to it as well, there aren't enough levers, there aren't enough steps, there isn't an audience. I think great music is an act of being in a moment, being in a place of time where you can record something thats somewhat agreed upon and relevant, and I think that most of the time it takes a bit of time for that to happen as well. I don't know if you can go into a whole story about how it's too cheap, it's just a bit, well, simple, a bit, unplanned, a bit, too cheeky to think someone wouldn't produce the sounds, wouldn't let me in a studio, wouldn't let me play for people, and it let's me think of something to say as well, but it doesn't give me enough of what I want to say, doesn't give me me, enough.

The way of recording something that really has a great sound is so much more than just hey, let's do five songs, in one take. I think it's more, let's get something really, really relevant to say, and say it in a way that's going to agree with people that doesn't really have a lot of things to say, in a way that isn't going to get super played, but that's going to be a bit more watchable, going to be a bit more relevant, going to be a bit more watched. There isn't so many things that don't have a bit of ugliness, yet I try to lighten things, not darken them. That should be my goal. Instead of focusing on what a song can't do, I want to focus on what it can, and what it makes me want to say, what it makes me want to do to it, what it makes me want to think about.

There's probably twelve or so songs that really go on an album in my opinion, I'd say half that on an EP. If you can get a song, that is, one copy of a song accapella, one with vocals, that makes a big difference too. Yet that's really a pain for me, I think too much I can change the music, so, it's just tough coming up with things to say.


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