The (Writing) of Movies

   Writing a movie is something that takes a lot of life experience, but I guarantee, it doesn't take all that much time.  When you think of what you write, you've got to remember that what you write, is a suggestion for what the person would say.  For example, if you include, persay, an action sequence in a movie, that most likely, was really filmed by someone.  And, most likely, it really happened, although sometimes you have to remember, that certain things, don't get included, in movies, that go into them, which can be confusing. 

   Like, if you watch a movie that isn't boring, or editorial, it's most likely going to either be too brilliant, or too long, like the movie "Velvet Goldmine", which is extremely inclusive in it's editing, as well as extremely long, and painful to watch at the end.  I saw a movie before that as well, and I think it pretty much ruined movies for me.

   I have to say, that although I appreciate, like, making writing about films, I will say that it was extremely beautiful, as well.  I've seen one too many drug flicks, they tend to include drug use in every day life too much, for real life.  Drug use doesn't occur in ordinary life.  If it did, it wouldn't quite be the way it is, at least in this time and place, which doesn't altogether bother me, that much.

    Usually, I think, there's a bit more to a movie, than just what goes into the writing.  I will say mostly there's more time spent recording than there is actual play time, which is, somewhat, a bit, tough to do yourself. 

   Recording a dancer, in a sense, or someone that poses for the camera, while it may not seem altogether odd, is something that I read about in a Spider Robinson short story collection I found in the Milwaukee Public Library.  I find it odd how extremely well written, that one article happened to be.  It was a bit overwhelming, to believe that someone else, was in fact, writing what was written in the book, who had in fact wrote, another book, entitled "Callahan's Con", or "Callahan's Bar" or whatever.  I think the depiction of aliens, and other odd creatures, in a bar setting, is hard to explain to a normal person, and it takes a long time, in fact, to write something, that is that "hard to read".  I feel that while I may not have completely fathomed what it was that this guy was writing about, it was certainly interesting to see what was on the pages of the book I was reading.  It took me a long time, in fact, to figure out how to express, how I felt, about that, in a sense, feeling, that I would get, where I felt I was feeling, not so bad, or not so good, and I didn't think much about what I was doing which was writing something that someone would read and particularly think like, wow, this is an incredible story. 

      Pages of a book can hold so much, in a sense, that other things cannot.  You can express a million different circumstances for the same characters, but you certainly can't express what you feel when you hold a rainbow trout for the first time, for example.  There's no way of expressing what a shame it is to not be that dancer, but I would never trade my talent for something that was superficial either, and that to me, as well as possibly others, is a hard thing to get around in life.  In a sense, meeting someone, an old friend, someone you've known for a long time, in an interesting place, in an interesting setting, with a lot of amazing architecture and things like that. 

    I believe it's a bit fitting to say that this paradox of looking into something and looking into others as well as myself at the same time has a way of playing tricks on me.  It can be difficult to think of yourself in a positive way, for example, after you remember something about your past, that includes something, unfavorable.  You know, if you make something happen, with art, or design, or video recording, theres somewhat a lot of things you want to avoid filming, for various reasons.  If you film the wrong thing, for too long, I feel you'll loose sight of what your filming, although it's very interesting to actually be the filmer involved in something that I don't particularly care for myself, which is in a sense, a way of explaing how much displeasure I have in the recording process I'm using now, which is a traditional western or possibly eastern technique of film and pictures.  It takes too much time to find the right clip, and mostly I can't accomplish what it is I want to. 

   I've used a lot of cameras, and I feel that it's not so much the camera that's used, although sometimes certain shots even, require certain cameras, which can be a bit confusing.  However, I'd say most of the things that I film just happen faster than what I'm filming, when I'm being filmed, or whatever.  So mostly, what I end up filming is a pistache of what it is that I set out to film, whether it be a skate trick or a slice of life film, which can happen now quite often at times.  I'd say in movies, each particular shot, is included in any given day of the week.  One thing you have to understand about filming, though, is that when you film someone do something, that is, in a sense, what they do.  Being in house music, for example, is not a huge compliment, because it's not played out of the house, very much.  If I were to record an entire, 9 piece symphony, it would probably never be included in everyday life.  I feel that that's a bit because of the time frame and setting which is included in any particular film, although that's not necessarily lost, in different techniques of filming, however you have to remember that the filmer isn't always as up to date with society as the subjects they film, and the right thing to film in a movie, isn't necessarily dictated to you, by anyone in particular, although many of the shots you'll eventually get don't have as many shades that are included in that particular part of the literature. 
    The typical way one starts out with a bit of an intro, intro montage, dialogue, plot, etc, is in a sense a way of explaining to yourself that your not going to get a good movie, that your going to just do the same thing, which happens quite a bit in cinematography. However, it would be interesting to note, that while included in some movies, it is not of the upmost importance to include that movie in your movies, while you may find that references in movies are sometimes nice, they can distract from the filming process, which is generally construed of cliches anyways.  The most cinemetography has ever done for use, has been take us into post modern life, or pomo for short.  That doesn't really get too specific in numbers, or in qualities, or in subject shots though, which you may run into a bit filming here and there. However, it should be said, that in fact, yes, the 60's and 70's did happen, which was a very important as part of history, although to be honest the 80s did things in music and in culture that I feel is certainly lacking in life today, when you think of like Saturday Night Fever, how amazing of a movie that was, it should be noted that I do kind of enjoy thinking of that as having something to do my life.


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