(Pictures) of Gear (Synths, Midi Controllers Mainly)

Now before you go thinking that I'm some insecure creep who collects gear because it makes me feel like a more legitimate artist, well come on then, just say it already. I'm an insecure creep who likes to feel like a legitimate artist. Also, thanks for thinking that that is fairly interesting gear, if you do. It's truly not in a sense to me, but it does get the job done when it needs to at times. I'm not entirely sure where the heck I got all this crap, mainly Amazon and eBay if I'm not entirely mistaken. The thing is most of it really is just that, crap. I mean guitars are somewhat cool, so I like the guitar. But the Novation Circuit truly is somewhat lacking in quality, especially in the number of songs and patterns you can record on it. The maschine mikro is somewhat lame because you always have to use it with the computer. The microphone is usb so you can't use it with a preamp. The pedals are the highlight I would say. The akai mpk 225 midi controller is a bit, um, redundant I suppose, though it has gotten some play from me, and it's kind of a cutie if you know what I mean. But all things considered, I don't find that my gear really gets the job done very well. Or maybe I'm the one who doesn't. Hm.

Well again, I'm not big on the gear I have, but it is my gear, and therefor it is kind of cool. It's been around a bit, some of it anyway, but all things considered, I suppose, I wouldn't change it for the world. Although, you know, I still need a solid keyboard. As in something like a Casio, or similar to that. It surprises me, to some extent, that I have this much random stuff. But there you have it. The random stuff is mine. And it will (hopefully) stay that way I suppose.


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