How the Internet has lost its way (and overpriced music software)

I just Google'd "why the Internet sucks" and it came back with a lot of stuff I personally don't care about, so I thought I'd write a post about why I feel the Internet has lost its way so to speak.
Perhaps it's just that I've exhausted all my resources online in a way, but it seems that the only thing holding me back from creating an album for the Internet is the Internet itself. Every time I look into software, such as virtual amp modeling plug-ins for logic x, I find they cost like more than a real amp. I'm not sure why that would be. When you think about it, software shouldn't necessarily be free, but it should cost a reasonable amount. If buying a new amp is less money than a virtual one, which it is, why would I want to buy the virtual kind? I mean there's something inherently wrong with that.
And this, I feel, is the very essence of how the Internet lost its way. Things online just seem like over priced imitations of life. Like to buy anything cool, one must go online. But think about music, and how incredibly easy it is to access any musician and their entire discography on the internet. While it's true that's nice for someone who wants to sit around and listen to music, the musicians who make music or someone like me who can't seem to promote anything enough for 5 or 10 people to listen to it, end up broke. Or supposedly rich as hell if you're one of those lucky sods who rise to the top. But to promote my music would take all kinds of money and then all that would  happen would be more people would listen to it online. This listenership could help me book more shows or any shows at all, but who really knows?


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