"You ate part of my face" Produced by Crimson Royale - promo

Ben Ruppel - You Ate Part of My Face (Produced By Crimson Royale) from Ben Ruppel on Vimeo.

Link to my promo video

So I don't usually use beats from other people, but I made an exception because this beat is rad. I had some old footage from the Orange Line Metrolink and intermixed Ninja Scroll and some old Kung Fu movies. Didn't include any David Bowie footage for those wondering. Got the idea for it from the Blank Human video for his song "Look Away". Blank Human is the band name for an old friend of mine.

A small note; It's unfortunate that my video came out as the US bombs Syria. I'm not too sure how I feel about it but I do find it interesting that Trump seems to have very little precedent for bombing Syria, or laws on his side.


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