Like a grape on a vine, so are my tracks

This is the story of how my latest posts on soundcloud was recorded. The music was made using an Akai mpx 16, Korg Electribe EA 1 Mk 2, a Korg Volca Keys, and a M Audio Venom, recorded on a cheap mp3 recorder, and mixed on a computer with added guitar.
At least i think so, that's where the magic of how a computer stores tracks you upload to a cloud comes in. I hadn't listened to these songs in a while and it seems that as they went un-listened to, they began to slowly take on a life of their own.
But in any case, the amount of web traffic my site generates is so intensely tiny that I very much doubt anyone is listening to my music. That's sort of okay, except it gets into that whole "if a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it" argument. But i am rather proud of how these songs on soundcloud recently posted, were recorded. I had a very good time recording them in a rehearsal studio. Yes, it might seem weird I didn't go to a recording studio, or weird, I went to a studio at all in a way. But in any case, they were recorded at a rehearsal space, not very well I might add. And the guitar, like I said on soundcloud, isn't very well recorded, it's not nearly "wet" enough, or run threw enough effects pedals in most cases, but I sort of like how some of the stuff came out.
Like I said, the sounds seem to have sort of taken on a life of there own as they waited to be remembered. At the end of the day, it's funny that the sampler seemed to be able to drum really pretty well, and that the EA 1 Mk 2 managed to do a decent bass line. I don't think it's necessarily going to be something very many people listen to, in fact I would be surprised if anyone listened to it but maybe someone eventually will. The tracks are truly the highlight in a lot of ways of my musical recordings.


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